Surprise! Mindy Kaling Reveals She Welcomed Baby No. 2 Last Month

LA Premiere Of Amazon Studio's "Late Night" - Arrivals

LA Premiere Of Amazon Studio's "Late Night" - Arrivals

Quarantine babies strike again!!

This year has been FULL of surprise baby announcements (and soooo many pregnancy announcement! In fact, we just found out yesterday that Katherine McPhee is pregnant as well!) - and now there's yet another surprise baby who made their arrival while everyone was staying at home.

Mindy Kaling revealed to Stephen Colbert last night while on his show (remotely!) that she welcomed her second child, a baby boy, on September 3rd!

Mindy also shared the baby boy's name on the show, announcing that she named him Spencer. Mindy was already mom to her 2 and a half year old daughter, Katherine, who she called Kit.

Watch the moment Mindy shares her good news:

Mindy, who has been extremely busy before and during quarantine with several work projects like producing Netflix show Never Have I Ever, and writing for the upcoming follow up to Legally Blonde, managed to keep this pregnancy extremely quiet - of course, the stay at home orders during COVID-19 have made that even easier for her.

Mindy shared that this is "news to a lot of people!" And that seems like an understatement. Mindy continued posting on her social media accounts regularly throughout this quarantine period - she even just recently shared a round up of her in several different bathing suits?! - so I certainly wasn't suspecting that she might be expecting!

If you're hoping to catch a glimpse of Mindy's son, Spencer, sometime soon... I wouldn't hold my breath! While Mindy is always open about life at home with her daughter, Kit, she never shares her face on social media!

Most recently, Mindy shared a post about how she is voting for Kit and Kit's future (sneakily leaving out the fact that she has another baby at home!!)

While Mindy has never revealed who Kit's father is - or her new baby Spencer's - it seems that she really has the whole "working mom" thing figured out, and that she has an incredible support system who helps her out.

Of course, working from home for the last several months allows her to spend far more time with the kids than if she hadn't been!

She shared earlier in quarantine about the challenges of being a single mom, working from home, while also trying to help Kit through her virtual preschool classes, and of course she praised those who help her:

"My child was supposed to start preschool this year. And we were so excited. She was going to go to this school that I love... Now I have the writers' rooms filling up for two of my shows on Zoom, while I'm also leading my child through her day-long preschool. I'm so lucky because I have help. I'm at home all the time, and I don't want to eat takeout every single night. I have to be a full-time single parent who has to make the money for this household. So it's been challenging."

Mindy, I'm amazed by how you juggle it all - especially with a new baby at home for the last month! Congratulations on this exciting new addition to your family!!

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