Get In The Holiday Spirit With Netflix's Holiday Release Line Up

Selfridges Launch Their Christmas Store

Selfridges Launch Their Christmas Store

While it's still early in October, there's something about this year that makes us want to press fast forward. And now, Netflix is helping you out with that!

Netflix just announced when all of their holiday movies will be released, and you actually don't have to wait much longer for the first one to come out - because it'll be here before Halloween!

Netflix revealed they will be releasing 28 new holiday originals, so if you plan it out correctly, you'll have plennnnnty of content to keep you in the holiday spirit through the next two months.

The first big holiday release will be coming out on October 28th (thank you, Netflix, now we have Halloween night plans!) and is the new rom com, Holidate which stars Emma Roberts.

See the entire schedule below:

I'm personally so excited for Holidate, as well as for the new movie with Dolly Parton playing an angel in Christmas On The Square. Dolly's movie will be released on November 22nd, so we have to wait until almost Thanksgiving to be able to watch that one.

Another one a lot of people are looking forward to is The Princess Switch: Switched Again, which is a sequel to last year's The Princess Switch. This time around, Vanessa Hudgens will star as not one, not two, but THREE different characters. And it's the kind of insanity I cannot waaaait to watch. That one comes out November 19th, so plan a day to finish up your Thanksgiving decorations and curl up on the couch with a glass of red wine!

There are so many other great Netflix originals coming up this season, I cannot even begin to describe them all, but just mark your calendars for the dates listed above! I can't wait to realllly embrace this holiday season.

What are you most excited to watch?! Leave me a Yap so we can talk about the best holiday movies, new and old!

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