Succulent Christmas Trees Are The Decoration You Need This Year



Have you started thinking about your decorations for the holidays this year yet? And no, by "the holidays" I don't mean Halloween... I mean Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's!

I can feel some of you wondering why we're talking about holidays that are still over two months away - but it's 2020 and honestly, anything goes.

Plus, it turns out one major trend for the holidays has already been identified, and it's perfect for Southern California Christmas: succulent Christmas trees.

These trees aren't necessarily going to take place of the traditional tree with the skirt and the ornaments, you can definitely still put up a pine tree and put presents under it. But succulent trees, rather, can serve as a supplemental decor piece - whether they are big or small.

You can find smaller, table-top versions of the succulent Christmas trees - which are just succulents put together and secured in the shape of a traditional pine tree - on Etsy, or you can go ahead and take on the project of making your own.

If you would prefer to use the succulent tree to replace what you would typically put up in your living room, Home Depot is actually offering step-by-step instructions on how to make one, and you can customize it to whatever size you prefer.

I really think these trees are the perfect accent to a SoCal home during the holidays, and I'm going to consider trying to make one of my own... I do love a good DIY project!

Would you considering doing something like this in your home for the holidays? Are you thinking center piece, table-top size? Or full-blown average Christmas tree size?! Let me know your plans for upcoming holiday decorations by leaving me a Yap below!!

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