5th Grader's Petition Aims To Name Middle School After Ruth Bader Ginsburg



If you need some heart-warming stories right now: here's one that really made me smile.

A 5th grader in Oregon took it upon herself (certainly, with the help of her parents) to create a petition to get a new middle school in her town to be renamed after the iconic Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away last month.

The 5th grader, Ruby Waas Shull, create this petition in an attempt to get enough signatures to get Kellogg Middle School renamed to honor RBG.

While Ruby is currently in 5th grade at a different school, her petition calls for the middle school to be renamed because it is currently being rebuilt under the 2017 Health, Safety and Modernization Bond. She believes that because the school will be a new school after being rebuilt, this would be the perfect opportunity to rename the school!

Read her letter below:

“Dear Portland Public Schools, I feel strongly that we should change the name of Kellogg Middle School to Ruth Bader Ginsburg Middle School. I feel this way because it is a new school so it should have a new name. We have a lot of schools (far too many, in my opinion) named after white businessmen. Lastly, if kids go to schools centered only on white males then kids who are not those two things may feel unimportant, or worthless even. I trust that you do not want kids to feel this way, so I hope you will take my ideas into consideration.”

If you're an official of Portland Public Schools... how do you deny this girl of her suggestion, with her excellent reasoning and sweet letter, AND tons of signatures on her petition?! It's so sweet how dedicated she is, and how well she knows about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy.

If you want to help Ruby get her wish, the petition currently has just over 2,300 signatures out of the 2,500 she is aiming for - so click here to sign if you want to get this school named after the incredible RBG!

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