The Dodgers Are Coming Back! MLB Reaches Agreement For 60-Game Season

Divisional Series - Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Five

Divisional Series - Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Five

It's been a LOOOONG several months without professional baseball - as the MLB season was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But good news for us baseball games came last night: the MLB players reached an agreement for a 60-game season that will start in July, as in, NEXT MONTH.

Of course this season is not going to look much like previous seasons due to the global pandemic and taking precautions to keep players and team crews safe. But, there *will* be a season, and for a moment there, I wasn't sure we would even be getting that.

CBS Sports was the first to report MLB's announcement that players agreed to report for training camp on July 1, and Opening Day will be either July 23 or 24.

The proposed 60-game schedule is under review by the MLBPA, a press release from the MLB obtained by PEOPLE on Tuesday said.

However, the shortened season appears to plan on mitigating travel. The proposed schedule will "largely feature divisional play, with the remaining portion of each Club’s games against their opposite league’s corresponding geographical division (i.e., East vs. East, Central vs. Central and West vs. West)," the press release said.

The release also said "the vast majority of Major League Clubs are expected to conduct training at the ballparks in their primary home cities."

As for the timeline? The regular season will feature less than half the number of games played in a typical season and will end in September. The postseason will end by October. That timing follows Dr. Anthony Fauci's recommendation that the baseball season take place during the summer and "avoid" playing in the colder late fall and winter months.

There is no official word on if fans will be able to be present at games for ANY of the upcoming season, but I would say it isunlikely we will see spectators for the 2020 season. But hey! Maybe next year!

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