Baby Yoda Toys Now Available For Pre Order - But Won't Arrive By Christmas

It's official: Baby Yoda has swept the nation.

I don't know how it happened or when it happened because it all just HAPPENED. But if you have been on the internet at all in the last couple of weeks then you know that everyone has fallen in love with Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian and it is the meme that cannot be stopped.

He's just so cute. And so life-like? And like a real little baby.

So it's no wonder that once Baby Yoda became the talk of the town that people would want to be able to buy Baby Yoda toys, too. And now they're OFFICIALLY available for pre-order. But there's a catch: they won't be making it to you in time to wrap them up and give them as a gift for Christmas.

Disney was not prepared with merch for the break out character of the new show on Disney+, but now they're diving in with Baby Yoda toys available for pre-order via

The toy available is called "The Child Plush by Mattel - Star Wars: The Mandalorian '11" and costs $24.99. The thing is... the pre-order won't get you the toy even anywhere CLOSE to the holidays. The toy is expected to be available and shipped to pre-order customers in APRIL of 2020.

However, if you have someone on your list of people to buy gifts for who REALLY needs a Baby Yoda-themed gift, ShopDisney does still have options in the form of The Mandalorian themed shirts. And hey! You can always pre-order the toy for them... and tell them to wait until April to get it. Then it's like Christmas, twice!!!

Everything Baby Yoda themed that you're looking for will come up when you search "Baby Yoda" on the site, even though that's not actually the character's name. Though The Mandalorian viewers on Disney+ have assumed the character is a younger version of the legendary Jedi Master, that has yet to be confirmed. His official name, per Disney, is “the Child.”

So, that's hilarious.

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