Watch The Moment A Colorblind Boy Sees Color For The First Time

Being able to see all of the colors around us is something many of us take for granted - but for one 12-year-old boy, he was just able to see color for the first time. And as you can assume, that moment was both parts heartwarming and overwhelmingly emotional.

A video was posted to Twitter last week showing 12-year-old Jonathan Jones having the opportunity to see color for the first time.

Jonathan is severely colorblind, and as it turns out, so is his school's principal, Scott Hanson. So when the kids were learning about colorblindness, the principal came in with special glasses that would allow he and Jonathan both be able to see color.

In the video you see the Principal Hanson share these glasses with Jonathan and what happens next may make you WEEP.

The moment was caught on video and posted by Jonathan's older brother:

As you can see in the video, at first Jonathan is surprised and the class around him laughs at the shock on his face.

But THEN the emotions really hit. And he starts crying because, wouldn't you if this was the first time you had ever seen color?!

This is such a beautiful moment for Jonathan. And the principal goes on to say to the class, "that just tells you how beautiful of a world you have," and that is the BEST lesson we all could learn from this video.

Don't take things like seeing color for granted, because there's someone out there who hasn't been able to experience it!

So happy for Jonathan to have this experience, it really is such a beautiful moment between he and the principal and his classmates.

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