Los Angeles Firefighters Escorted A Bride Out Of Traffic Jam To Her Wedding

Picture this: it's your wedding day. You and your bridesmaids are all made up and on your way to the ceremony. You've had a fun morning getting ready! You're getting MARRIED today!

And then... your car gets stuck in traffic.

Like, really bad traffic.

So you get out, you and your bridesmaids lift your dresses up to keep them from getting dirty, and you're literally walking along the side of a road.

BUT there's a silver lining! Because some very nice Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters were on the scene at the terrible traffic jam and decided to step in and help out.

A photo posted on the LA County Firefighters Instagram tells the story:

"E69 was on scene of a traffic accident blocking both lanes of Topanga Blvd. As they were clearing the scene they noticed the future Miss Gorman and her 2 bridesmaids walking along the side of the road holding up their dresses out of the mud. Obviously curious the Captain asked if they could help? They explained their limo was stuck in traffic and they were late for the the wedding. Without haste the Bride and Bridesmaids were loaded into the Fire Engine and given a code 3 escort to the wedding venue just in the nick of time. This picture showed up at the Fire Station a few weeks later."

The photo posted is a picture of bride with four of the firefighters who helped her make it to her ceremony on time, with a special note from she and her new husband that reads, "Thanks for saving our wedding! - The Gormans"

I cannot imagine the STRESS that the bride was feeling in that moment, but WOW showing up in a fire truck? Not the worst way to kick off your wedding. Not to mention, she and her bridesmaids dresses were saved from the mud.

Way to go, LACFD!

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