Channing Tatum Reveals He Is Taking A Break From Social Media

"Magic Mike Live Las Vegas" Grand Opening

"Magic Mike Live Las Vegas" Grand Opening

While some people find all their inspiration from social media, other celebrities find it takes away from their inspiration, and is something they need to take a break from.

The latest celeb to reveal they needed time to step away from social media? Channing Tatum.

The Magic Mike star announced his decision to take a step back from social media in, ironically, an Instagram post, informing fans and followers of why he felt he needed some time away from the apps.

While I am obviously someone who regularly posts on social media, I also think there's a lot of power in taking time to step away from it, and understanding that while part of our world, social media isn't necessarily the real world.

Channing explained why he needed some time away from Instagram and other social media sites:

“I’m gonna take a break and come off socials for a minute. I’ve been trying to get inspired and create again. And to be honest I don’t really feel, or at least I haven’t felt very creative on social in the last couple years now.”

He also shared that he felt he needed to be in the "real world" for a while:

“I’m gonna go and be just in the real world for a while and off my phone. I’ll probably come back at some point. But if I do I want to have a direction or a clear point of view of why I’m on here and what I’m putting out there."

Of course fans of the actor are going to miss him on social media... especially when he gave us photos like THIS over the last year:

But if taking time away from the sites is what is best for Channing's inspiration and mental health, then I think we can all back him up.

So many other stars have been speaking out about needing time away from social media lately, like Shawn Mendes who deleted the social media apps from his phone, and Selena Gomez who has been vocal for a while about her need to stay off the sites.

I think we all can benefit from taking time away from social media from time to time. Maybe you only use it on the weekends or whenever you go on vacation, you take a break from it! Something to think about for sure.

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