'The Hills' Stars Talk About How The Show Is Different Now As Parents


I know I'm not the only person out there who is SO EXCITED that The Hills is BACK!

Obviously the show used to focus on young people in Los Angeles partying and working and all of that... which was relateable to me at the time. And now, the reboot of the show, The Hills: New Beginnings, is about a lot of the original cast still living and working (slightly more glamorous jobs, now) in Los Angeles... but for a lot of them, they're also balancing parenthood.

Which is probably why I'm soooo excited about the new series. I mean, I've got 1 year old twins! Could this come at a better time?!

Recently, both Audrina Patridge and Heidi and Spencer Pratt opened up about what life is like as parents and balancing being parents and working on the show is like.

Audrina, who's daughter Kirra is 3 years old, was going through a divorce with Kirra's dad when the idea of rebooting the show came up.

On her divorce: “I needed to close a door so I could keep moving forward in my life and not look back."

On being back on the show: “My life was a mess when the opportunity to do the show again came back... There were times when I broke down on camera because I couldn’t hold it together. But my Hills family was so supportive and loving. They were there for me.”

On being a mom: “Being a mother gives you purpose... Kirra is my everything. So [being back onThe Hills] is a new chapter for me. I have a daughter to protect.”

For Heidi and Spencer, they had to learn how to balance work and parenthood together.

Heidi talked about needing Spencer to be home at certain times, even if the show was still filming: “We can’t say to Gunner, ‘That was before we had you.’ We would go out together before, and now, I’m like, ‘Spencer you need to be home at this time.’ It created a different dynamic.”

And Spencer admitted he struggled navigating that: “I understand Heidi wanted me home... But the cameras are still at the club. We’ve been trying to get The Hills back for years, and so I don’t want to leave the cameras because I have a curfew. It was a back and forth.”

But as for how the couple is doing? Juuuust fine.

Spencer says their relationship has always been more than people thought: “When we started, it felt like everyone was trying to break us up, or they thought we were together to be famous. But here we are, 10 years later. The [best] thing we ever did is be together.”

SOOOO happy to have this show back!! Who's with me?!

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