Billie Eilish Scaring Melissa McCarthy On 'Ellen' Is Everything

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While Billie Eilish can be seen as... a little frightening at times thanks to her dark lyrics, it's not every day that you actually hear about her scaring someone.

But today is not every day. Because Billie just jumped out and scared/surprised her super fan, and movie star Melissa McCarthy!

Of course the entire thing went down with some help from Ellen DeGeneres.

Melissa was visiting The Ellen Show with her The Kitchen co-stars, Tiffany Haddish and Elizabeth Moss, where she revealed just how big of a fan of Billie she was. Such a big fan, in fact, that Melissa and Ellen recreated Billie's "Bad Guy" video with Melissa added into it. And it's HILARIOUS.

But really, the visit to Ellen gets even better. Just watch:


So not only does Billie REALLY get all three of Melissa, Tiffany and Elizabeth, but it also turns out Melissa's first improv teacher was Billie's mom?!

I mean, what kind of small world is this?!

The replay of the scare moment is almost too good. As Melissa says, it is NOT something you are supposed to experience, and yet, they all experienced it while on camera.

"I thought it was Santa!" might be the best part, too.

And then Billie had to take off just like that to make it out to start her tour!

I mean, it just doesn't get any better than one of our favorite artists scaring a handful of our favorite actresses.

And Melissa, I think this moment might make you cool with your kids for another little while!!

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