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This New Bumble Feature Will Detect Potentially Unwanted Photos

Look, I can't pretend I've ever been on dating apps. I met my husband long before they became popular (we've been together for 10 years now!!) so I can't fully understand the whole 'dating app culture.'

But it's obvious that is how a lot of couples meet these days... and what I know from friends of mine is that if you're actively on the app and starting a lot of conversations, well, you're probably going to receive some unwanted photos over time.

But now! Bumble is putting an end to you getting photos you may not want. They announced their new feature, the "Private Detector" last week. And it does exactly what you think it might do just based on the name.

The feature will officially hit the app next month, so if you're tired of getting photos you never asked for, then get excited.

This is how the "Private Detector" will work:

The feature uses artificial intelligence to pick up on all graphics sent in conversations within the app. The artificial intelligence then can detect - with 98% accuracy - if a photo is inappropriate or not.

If it is deemed lewd by this new feature, the photo will be blurred out to the user (kind of similar to how Instagram will blur photos sent by people you don't know.)

But it doesn't end there! Bumble does not make the decision for you if you're allowed to see the photo or not, rather it just gives you the option instead of throwing it in your face without your permission.

The user who received the photo deemed inappropriate will get alerted and they can then choose to view the image or block it. After that, if you chose to block the image, you also have the option of reporting the image.

So yeah! You won't be bombarded with unsolicited "private" photos anymore. Welcome to the future!

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