This Color Was Just Named 'Hair Color Of The Year'

For years, anytime you walked into a hair salon you would see several women getting their hair hand-painted, having ombre put into their, going platinum blonde... and as of recent, making their blonde hair super "ashy" and incorporating colors into their usual hair.

Because hair trends are always changing, it seems like every year there is a new "it" color - and this year is one that might surprise you!

L'Oreal and Vogue decided on this year's Color of the Year : smokey silver.

You're probably wondering, "WHAT does that even mean?" but imagine something in the same family as Rose Gold, but a little darker, and with purple/silver hues.

Model Iskra Lawrence went for it with her color - and it's kind of amazing.


In a way, the color is kind of like going grey... but it's super not grey in a grandma way, it's grey in a COOL way.

And there are different variations of how you can pull off the color of the year. Go full out grey all over, give your hair a silver/purple tint (if you already have blonde hair!) that will wash out, or add the color just to your ends for a little tip toe into the trendy hair color world.

Naturally, L'Oreal has released dyes that you can do from the comfort of your own home to achieve the look... but if you really want to successfully get the look... you might want to see a professional. There is nothing better than a botched at home dye job. Especially when you're ready for a big change and want something AWESOME.

What do you think of the color? Is it something you would ever want to try out on your own locks?! It seems like the kind of color that requires a lot of maintenance, so it's definitely NOT for me. But it looks SOOO good on the right person!

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