Serena Williams' Bumble Commercial Is All About Strong Women

Admit it, half the reason some of us really tune in to the Super Bowl every year is to watch the commercials that air during the show.

What's strange to me is that now so many of the commercials actually come out before the big game online, and then play again for the first time on TV during the game.

But regardless, the commercials still are one of the best parts. Especially when the game is as slow as it was during yesterday's game...

Obviously I am a huge fan of the Doritos commercial with the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper in it, and any commercial that made me cry is a winner in my book. But I also LOVED the Bumble commercial with Serena Williams because it was all about girl power and making the first move in your life - not only in love.

You can watch the commercial below:

So. Good.

“Don’t wait to be given power... Because here’s what they won’t tell you: We already have it.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, Serena talked about the decision to link up with Bumble - a dating app where you match with people and then women have to make the first move to initiate conversation.The app has also branched out with Bumble Bizz, for networking, and Bumble BFF, for people looking for friends in their city.

“It’s important to seize opportunity. It’s really all about making the first move, not just in love but in life as well. And you can’t make the first move unless you seize it. You decide you’re gonna take it. For me it’s really important to do that.”

Such a powerful ad and such a strong statement to make for women of all ages! I want my daughter to grow up with these kind of female role models, as I'm sure Serena wants her daughter to as well.

What was your favorite commercial from last night?

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