This Man Confronted His Cheating Partner With A Sign At The Airport

Picture this: you're walking through the airport, groggy from getting off a flight, and you see a man holding a sign up over his head.

That alone is a little... odd... but then you actually read the sign and realize what it says.



The man holding the sign was spotted by other passengers in Austalia's Melbourne Airport and a passerby snapped a quick photo of the man with the sign... alerting not just those in the airport, but people around the rest of the world, about this creative way of welcoming a cheating partner home.

Here is the man with the sign:

That tweet with the photo now has over 24,000 retweets and over 75,000 likes.

So you could say some people really resonated with the moment!

Although, in the responses to the tweet, you can see that some people really love this move, and some really thought it was uncalled for.

Some people find fun in trying to figure out how his partner would react:

Some people, though, really hated this reaction to being cheated on.

What do you think your reaction would be? Would you ever try something like showing up to a public place to let your partner know?

I like to believe that I would keep my cool and confront them in a calm and collected manner... but let's be honest, I would FREAK. OUT. on them. So maybe I would pull something like this? Who knows. Let's hope I never have to find out!

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