Watch Out The New "Ankle Biter" Mosquitoes In Southern California

Have you noticed some different bites on your legs as this summer starts to come to a close?

If you have noticed some mosquito bites that become inflamed and turn into red welts, you may be experiencing bites from the new species of mosquitoes that have taken over Southern California this year. 

This type of mosquito is officially called the "Aedes mosquito" but is nicknamed the "ankle biter" because they typically attack the leg and lower body area on people.

And let me tell you, I have gotten SO many bites over the last couple weeks right around my ankles, where my shoes stop. I think it's because we had been hanging out in our backyard near the pool where we have a lot of plants and it stays shadier.

ABC 7 says, "Aedes mosquitoes do not belong in the Southland. They are native to tropical and subtropical climates."

Buuuut even though they don't belong here, the mosquitoes have made Southern California their home and are reproducing at rapid rates.

You definitely want to take some precautions to avoid getting bit any more than you already have, though, because the new species can carry Zika virus and Dengue fever.

Reports about the new mosquitoes urge you to, "to get rid of any standing water around your home and make sure your window screens fit well."

I'm definitely taking action to make sure my home is protected from the bugs because I don't want my 4-month-old twins Aiza and Maxon to get bit this late summer/early fall!

What's interesting about this species is that they also like to bite people during the day... which is unusual for mosquitoes. The bites also become inflamed quickly because the human body immune system is not used to them.

All in all, mosquito bites are the worst! But this summer you want to be especially aware of them to avoid getting these bad bites.

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Photo: Getty Images

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