Boy Emails Ever Claudia At Missouri State To Find Girl From Tinder

Sure sometimes Tinder gets a bad reputation for being all about hooking up... but then there are times that stories like this one come about.

A boy emailed every single Claudia at Missouri State to try and find THE Claudia that he accidentally swiped left on.


In the email, he addressed "all Claudia's of Missouri State" and went on to detail said Claudia's profile explaining the profile said she was 20 but she was actually 18 and couldn't change it, and the photos with her mom and her friends and how it is OK if the person swiping liked her single friends better that's fine, but that they can't her her mom. 

And then he asked for the Claudia, if she was out there, to just reply either "right" or "left" on how she would have swiped on him (after supplying his Instagram handle of course).

He offered up a donut date as well! I mean, doesn't seem like this situation could get any better.

And of course the people of Twitter are UNWELL.


Possibly the best thing EVER.

No update currently as to if THE Claudia ever did respond to his email, but I certainly hope she did and that we hear these two went out to get donuts.

Please, Claudia? Do it for the people!

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