Anna Kendrick Jokes About Getting Mistaken For Anna Kournikova

Hey, mistakes happen!

But this little mistake was just so, so entertaining.

Anna Kendrick took to Twitter to share a screenshot of an article talking about Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova sharing photos of their new babies. Exciting news! But... the photo used was of Anna Kendrick, not Kournikova.


And of course, Kendrick's reaction was perfection:


"Oh, oh - do they think I'm the baby?"

To be fair, being the baby of Enrique and Anna Kournikova would be AMAZING.

And if you missed it, Anna (Kournikova! Not Kendrick!) and Enrique did share these adorable photos of their new twins - a boy and a girl.


So cute!!

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Photo: Getty Images



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