Why Jonas Brothers Fans Think The Band Is Coming Back

While we've heard from all the brothers in their own projects over the years, fans are now convinced that the Jonas Brothers might be reuniting.

Why? Well it seems the band's Instagram page has been reactivated for the first time in four years... their last post is from July 22, 2013.

A "reunion" of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas is no big deal, I mean, they're brothers and we see them spending time together here and there... but not only was their band's Instagram account reactivated, but a photo of all three of them together was posted online by Ryan Liestman, who was a backing musician for the Jonas Brothers from 2007-2013.

The photo is captioned "Family Reunion"


Cue the fans freaking out.


What does it all mean?!

There has been no official announcement of if anything is going on and no comment from the brothers... but if there is going to be a reunion of the band, I would be SO excited to hear what they come up with.

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