These Are The Best and Worst US Cities For Football Fans

With Super Bowl LIII just around the corner, America's favorite sport seems to be all that anyone can talk about. However, it's not easy being a football fan in some parts of the country. According to our friends over at WalletHub, these are 2019's best and worst cities for football fans. 

WalletHub compared over 240 US cities with at least one college or professional football team and measured them across 21 key metrics. They found that the top 5 US cities for football fans in 2019 are  

  • Pittsburgh, PA, 
  • Boston, MA, 
  • Green Bay, WI, 
  • Dallas, TX, 
  • New York, NY.

On the other hand, WalletHub found that the lowest ranking US cities for football fans in 2019 are

  • Pine Bluff, AR
  • Davidson, NC  
  • Corvallis, OR 
  • Valparaiso, IN
  • Ithaca, NY

WalletHub ranked the US cities based on factors such as 

Best And Worst Performing NFL Teams 

Best And Worst Performing College Teams

Most And Least Engaged NFL Fans 

Most And Least Engaged College Football Fans 

However, despite where they live and what team they root for, millions of Americans across the country will be tuning in to Super Bowl LIII on February 3, 2019 to watch the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams.

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