Halsey Was “Shocked” That Victoria Secret Wanted Her To Perform

Fresh off the runway, Halsey came to the Z100 studios to talk about her performance at last night's Victoria Secret Fashion Show and her hit song Without Me

Halsey was "shocked" to hear that the Victoria Secret Fashion Show wanted her to perform in their 2018 show. "Every year has been these massive, legacy artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd... So when they asked me I was like 'Really? Me?'" 

Halsey, like most girls growing up, dreamed of walking this iconic runway show. However when she realized her lack of height may stop her from doing so she got to work on her singing career.  "I have this really vivid memory, I was in 8th grade, and I was on my parent's dial up desktop computer in the basement, and I was googling 'How to be a Victoria Secret angel', explains Halsey. "And I was like this is going to be what I grow up. I'm going to be this when I'm older, I'm going to train," she continues saying that the height requirement was the only thing stopping her. However she showed her 8th grade self that she could do it.... "I was standing up there and was like 'Welp, somehow I made it here.'" 

And made it she definitely did. With a hit song like Without Me out there in the universe and a performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show under her belt, she is good to go. 

You can watch her performance on December 2nd on ABC