Tyga Reportedly Owes $200,000 to a Social Media Marketing Company

It's been no secret that Tyga has had his fair share of financial mishaps recently.  Back in April, he was sued by Simon Cowell's former fiancé for failing to pay over a million dollars in rent on his Beverly Hills home.  And earlier in the year, he was sued for over a million dollars after bailing on a scheduled appearance in Dubai. We know what you're thinking - what else could've happened?  Looks like the rapper is back in some hot water!

Tyga has found himself $200,00 in debt to a Canadian-based Social Media Marketing company, Providr Inc.  The company is claiming that  in 2015 they made an agreement to use Tyga's social media traffic from Facebook, the goal being to use the account solely for marketing and advertising purposes - promoting products and improving engagement.   

Providr Inc says Tyga was given a cash advance of $200,000, but reportedly didn’t follow through with his agreement with this firm, failing to provide them with full access this social media platforms.  Yikes!  What do you think? 

Sounds like Tyga has a lot going on at the moment!  Just last week he released a new music video - "Dip" ft. Nicki Minaj!  Check it out and let us know what you think!