Ariana Grande Roasts Leaker's Manicure

In just a few days Ariana Grande's album "Sweetener" will drop and all of us Grande fans will lose our minds! But what usually comes out in the weeks, even days leading up to the release are some leaks of the artists' work.

One person got their hands on a physical copy of the CD and posted a photo of it on Twitter. 

The caption roughly translates to something about how this fan loved the CD.

Ariana IMMEDIATELY clapped back at the leaker by calling out their manicure.

"I mean if somebody’s gonna leak what my hard copies looks like please handle this first ..... please. this music is..... too good for this," she responded.


She continues to go off on the leaker on social by saying, "like a. illegal b. i worked too damn hard for this nail to be featured on my hard copy debut c. i can't."

This is far too common a thing to happen. Plus it's a big let down when you work so hard on something and someone goes out, and leaks it before the day it's set to release.

Ariana didn't let this shake her though. She got right in front of the leak and used it to her advantage. Grande even leaked some stuff herself.

Ariana Grande's album "Sweetener" is set to release this Friday. The three singles already released from the album are No Tears Left To Cry, the light is coming, and God Is A Woman.

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