Watch Drake Get Mind Blown By a Magician

Your Wednesday just got a lot better. 

Drake's album is currently blowing up the charts right now with multiple songs in the Top 10 songs in America, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time for a few magic tricks. Magician Julius Dein ran into Drake in London and began to show him a magic trick which Drake couldn't believe. And luckily for us, the trick and his reaction were all caught on video. 

Julis Dein first asked the rapper who his favorite superhero was, it's Batman if you're wondering), and then he placed a lollipop in his mouth and asked Drake to remove it. Drake was clearly baffled and asked "Why?" a bunch of times before finally removing it. When he removed the lollipop, it was in the shape of Batman's head and Drake was floored. Fans were dying over Drake's hilarious responses to the magic trick. 

Check out the hilarious video below!!