Shawn Mendes Interrupted From Vaca for MASSIVE Fan Photo

Shawn Mendes is not only the coolest dude on earth, but he also accomplished this little bit of awesomeness, the first artist to have FOUR #1s on the adult chart before the age of 20!! Shout out to Billboard for that bit of info & congrats homie!!! 

Now what makes him super cool??? He finds a way to make his fans happy even while he's on vacation with his family in Cabo. Dude is soooo chill, he didn't want to leave anyone out so he compromised and said he'd take one photo w/ everyone in it!! Take a look below:

Trust me...I would be struggling with the patience to do this, but that's why Shawn is cooler than I am! Once the crew was assembled, it made for one AWESOME group shot on the beach!

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