Oreo Flavors That Need To Happen

Every few months it seems like there is a new or time specific flavors of Oreos. I personally love the red velvet cookies. THEY ARE THE BOMB! Now, Oreo is back at it again and these flavors sound delicious! Just in time for the summer Oreo is releasing two ice cream inspired flavors; Rocky Road Trip and Strawberry Shortcake. 

Rocky Road Trip is full of marshmallow pieces and rocky road flavored cream. And Strawberry Shortcake is the golden Oreo with strawberry pieces and cream. Can you say yummy?

While there are so many flavors of Oreos there still are so many different possibilities! Here are just a few suggestions for flavors of your favorite sandwich cookie.

1. Cannoli - This would actually be the perfect flavor! And if it is already a flavor 

2. You're My Sweet Tea - Another summer flavor?? This could feature the golden Oreo with a lemon or tea flavored creme? I really didn't figure which yet. My need to make puns was too real. 

3. Say Cheese-Cake!- Again another pun, but wouldn't this be genius?!? People already DIY Oreo cheesecake, why not switch it around?

4. Sweet N' Salty- The sandwich cookie giant hasn't ventured here before, but it would be so delicious! They can make a pretzel cookie and keep the regular cream! OH MY GOD I'm a genius! 

5. Sour Patch Kids- Sour, sweet, AH-MAZ-ING! This kind of goes off of the Swedish Fish flavor cookie. We can stick with the original, perfect, chocolate cookie and the cream could be sour. 

Now here are some flavors that may be a stretch...These don't really need explanations.

6. Philly Cheesesteak

7. Holy Guacamole!

8. Sounds Fishy

9. Thanksgiving Dinner

10. BLT

11. Water

12. Tequila

13. Pizza Bagels

14. Mashed Potato

15. Gatorade

16. Wasabi

17. Carrot

18. Goat Cheese

19.  Chili Pepper

20. Sangria

21. Black Pepper

22. Olive Oil

23. Horseraddish

24. Sweet Potato

25. Curry

I love Oreo's as much as the next girl, but I don't know how I would feel if I saw a box of any of these flavors at the supermarket. I might just stick to the original.

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