Family's New Kitten Turns Out to Be a Bobcat

Can you imagine?!?!

A baby bobcat spent the night with a family in Garrison, Minnesota after being mistaken for a stray kitten!! Jared Yost was working on his yard when he saw the little guy alone and took him in despite "not being a cat person." (Kinda feel you on that Jared)

The family fed the kitten and gave it milk because it seemed to be very scared and hungry. After bringing the animal home, they made an appointment at the vet for the next day. The family then began to notice that the kitten wasn't meowing and was instead making loud noises. It also had markings and huge paws that isn't seen in normal cats. So then they discovered they had taken in a bobcat by mistake!!!! OMG!!!

The family then reached out to the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center who came and took the animal in. The little one has since been placed in the Wild and Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Center where it will be eventually released back into the wild. 

Check out this news report on the incident to see a cute snap of the baby bobcat 😻


Strangely enough, a bobcat isn't the weirdest pet that people have owned...

A family who lives in Texas let a buffalo named Wild Thing join their household along with their other pets. And he literally eats with them at their dinner table and everything!!!

Take a look!!


Steve Sipek, a former actor, used to share his home with several big cats. Sipek has been the proud owner to over 100 big cats (lions, tigers, leopards) at his home in Loxahatchee, Florida. These animals are known not to be taken in as pets because they can really hurt people and are meant to live out in the wild. Sipek believed that his spiritual connection with the cats has kept them from attacking him and even raised his son in the house full of roaming lions, tigers, and leopards. 


People these days....



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