Guy Paddles Across Hudson River So He's Not Late

I HATE BEING LATE. There are very few things that can top the list of more awful things happening to me than missing my bus or train. Like everyone else, it just RUINS my day. Did you have big project to do at work? Did you have plans to grab lunch with a friend? Did you just want to have a good day?!? NOT TODAY MY FRIEND! NOT...TODAY... 

Last week, commuters on the New York Waterway Ferry were having a fine morning. They were drinking their coffee, reading their papers, doing whatever ferry goers do on a normal day...maybe whale watching too? I have no clue. This one person spotted a man in a suit with a briefcase just ya know... PADDLING ACROSS THE FLIPPING HUDSON RIVER!!!

The paddler, Scott Holt, a struggling comedian says he had a meeting in the city and didn't want to be late or pay the toll. Sir, may I formally adopt you as my spirit animal?

He crossed the river in 30 minutes. After facing choppy waters, rough winds, and apparently a run in with the police, he was able to get to his meeting on time. Good on you my man!  

Check out the full video below!