You Won't Believe What Gabbana Said About Selena

When you're a celebrity you expect to get a lot of comments from internet trolls, and Selena Gomez is no exception. It's a bit different when a world famous fashion designer straight up calls you ugly.

Designer Stefano Gabbana of Dolce and Gabbana went after Selena on Monday on social media. The Instagram account @TheCatWalkItalia posted this series of pics with Selena in red. And before getting into the drama, let's just agree that she is FIRE in every single one of these photos.


With Gabbana being a well-known fashion designer you'd think that if he had any sort of criticism it would be something constructive about the dress or the designer...NOPE! 

He said, "É proprio brutta!!!” For those of you who don't know Italian it pretty much translates, "She's so ugly!!!" 

This is my honest reaction to hearing such slander about my precious Selena.

People went off on Gabbana all over social media. Tommy Doorman from 13 Reasons Why, the popular Netflix show that Selena is a producer for, came to her defense.

He wrote, "@stefanobabbana you’re tired and over. your homophobic, misogynistic, body-shaming existence will not thrive in 2018."


Singer, Julia Michaels even came out to support Selena Gomez with a series of tweets.


Other fans came to her defense as well. Even Youtuber Lilly Singh joined in on the conversation.


Gabbana has made similar comments to Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss. Selena hasn't responded to the designers comments, but we're hoping that she'll just try to kill em' with kindness.

Selena's newest song "Back to You" is climbing the charts, and her music video for the song made for 13 Reasons Why has more than 30 million views on Youtube. The second season of 13 Reasons Why came out on Netflix in mid may, and the show is expected to return for a third season next year. Also, don't expect new music from her anytime soon, Selenators. She says she's not sure when she'll be releasing a new album.



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