Kid Has A Blast Jumping With A Bear!!!

Lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! This one kid had an epic time at the Nashville zoo this week!!

5-year-old Ian went to the Nashville Zoo with his dad Patrick earlier this week. They are frequent visitors since the family has a membership to the zoo. Little Ian wanted to check out the new bear exhibit. When the family arrived, Luka, the bear in the video below was out and ready to have some fun.

Ian and some other kids started jumping around when the bear dived into the water towards the glass. When Luka saw how excited they got seeing him, he decided to join them!

Ian's dad said that the bear and the kids were jumping for 10 minutes!

Watching this is the internet equivalent of cuddling with a thousand puppies. People are chiming in on Twitter with how this video is giving them all the adorable feels!!

He might not be wrong about that...but Luka looks like he is having so much fun with Ian! Why do you have to ruin my dreams? Let's just remember that if we want to jump around with bears we should make sure there is a big thing of glass between us and them.