Shawn Mendes Reveals The First Person To Congratulate Him On His Album!!

Shawn Mendes called in to Z100 to catch up with Maxwell about his new music! The 19-year-old artist just released his self-titled album. 

When asked how proud he is of the new album he says, "I'm very proud. I became, I've become more proud of it everyday, like 5 days leading up to the album and today I feel the most proud of it because you don't really know until you release it, truly what people think of it." He also added that he thinks that energy from everything is awesome, in regards to the feedback that he has been receiving on the album so far. 

Shawn is going to be consuming all of the positive energy thrown to him over the next couple of days. "If you love it that makes the happiest person in the world, if you don't love it, thanks for even listening and giving it a chance... anybody taking the chance and time to listen to it to see if they love it is still really important to me." 

Who was the first person to reach out to congratulate Shawn on the new album?? He said that he woke up to a bunch of texts but he got a group text from all of the writers, Teddy, Scott and Jeff all saying how proud they were. 

When talking about collabs he said, "it's all about friendships" adding that first you meet and gain a friendship and then you want to work with those people. 

Shawn also talks about how it's so cool that people are so excepting of music now saying, "People don't just call me a singer-songwriter now, they call me a musician." It's great to see how you can have a song like "Lost in Japan" that it super up tempo and to end the album with a slower song, "When You're Ready." 

The tour sounds like it's going to be incredible because Shawn says that he has the opportunity to be super creative and using all of the flowers, it's going to be an "experience" and a "moment."

Check out the full interview here:

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