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Taylor Swift's 'Track #5' Theory

You've been to like all of her shows, tons of Taylor Swift merch is in your closet and drawers, you like all of her tweets, you call yourself a #Swiftie. But, are you aware of the "Track #5 Theory" & have you seen the hidden Easter eggs in the video for Delicate?

Let's start with the theory. Most die-hard fans love all of Taylor's songs and albums, but it's been an underlying thing with track #5 from all of her albums. They have all won over #Swities across the globe. 

From Redditor, waitingforawhile

The following songs are all track 5 on her albums: 

Taylor Swift: Cold as You

Fearless: White Horse 

Speak Now: Dear John

Red: All Too Well

All these songs are far too emotional and I'm so in love with them all. Sigh

Now how about the fact that fans are going CRAZY for her latest track #5, Delicate. Yup, the album Reputation has a lot of songs on it, and this one is not only one of the most reactionary from the fans, but it's also the first "track #5" to be a single. Taylor totally knows about the theory cuz she drops a serious hint in the video. Take a look at it and watch for the subway platform scene 😉

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