Taylor Swift Keeping "reputation" From Streaming?

Taylor Swift's reps told streaming-music partners that her new album won’t be available through their services during its first week of sales. The services are still negotiating with Swift’s team to determine when “reputation” will be made available.  The album will be on sale in retail outlets as well as online stores like iTunes starting Nov. 10. 

Taylor has been one of the most vocal critics of streaming, saying in a column for the Wall Street Journal that the services devalue music. Spotify offers much of its catalog for free, supported by advertising. Paying subscribers get the full library, including new releases artists have chosen not to offer to everyone. Apple Music doesn’t have a free version.

Some fans on Twitter have been sharing their support of Taylor's decision...

...while others are expressing their disappointment.

Hmmmmm this is a tricky situation...what do we think?