Taylor Swift Has Been Secretly Dating This Actor!!

According to the sun, Taylor Swift is dating a British actor named Joe Alwyn. They've been together for a few months, and they could be pretty serious. She's even been sneaking around London in disguises!

Here's everything we know about Joe:

  • He's 26 (only a year younger than Taylor).
  • He's an actor who just finished filming The Favourite with Emma Stone!
  • IMDb says he's pretty tall--6'1 to be exact.
  • He's dating Taylor Swift!!!!! 
  • He's pretty cute⬇️

Does he have that 'James Dean daydream' look in his eyes?! Joe is definitely a bit younger than Taylor's past few partners. Could this be the relationship that lasts? Taylor really deserves one of those. May the relationship gods be ever in your favor❤️, Taylor. 



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