Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist: The Justin Bieber & Migos Edition

Oh you thought it was over. Well it's not. I was just on a two week hiatus, but I'm back and I'm better and ready for the week! My classes are booked and here's what I'm looking forward to hearing this week!

5. Charlie Puth- Attention

Why I love it: 'Cause I know you'll be thinking about that one person that screwed you over and is now trying to get the attention of the paps for dating you. Oh wait that was just Charlie Puth? Oh okay well the story lined up somewhere for you and you'll push through a climb with that thought in mind.


4. Migos- T-Shirt

Why I love it: 'Cause I'm a trap queen. 


3. Dj Kahled/Justin Bieber/Migos/Chance The Rapper/Lil Wayne- I'm The One

Why I love it: The summer anthem we needed this year. Thank you Kahled, thank you Bieber. I can now tap it back all summer to this.


2. Miley Cyrus- Malibu

Why I love it: The comeback single Miley needed. That I needed. It has such a good vibe. Perfect for a cool down. I'm obsessed. Well done Miley, well done. 


1. Luis Fonsi/Justin Bieber/Daddy Yankee- Despacito

Why I love it: Why wouldn't I? It is my latin dream. Daddy Yankee, the Biebs, Spanish music, like honestly where has this song been all my life. Sexy corners people, sexy freakin corners. 



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