Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist Week 12

Happy Monday Soul Cyclists! By now you should have already booked your classes for the week and I know we are all looking forward to tapping back. Before I get into this week's playlist I want to send my condolences to Kelly Hurley and her family. Kelly has tragically passed away recently. She was a manager at the NoMad studio in NYC. Though I have never met her, we are all still family no matter what Soul Cycle you attend. Our prayers are with Kelly and her family at this time. 

On a lighter note, it is Monday, which means we have a whole beautiful week ahead of us filled with classes playing our jams! Here is my playlist for the week!

5. Future- Mask Off

Why I love it: Someone once told me they strictly ran to Future's music. I thought that was ridiculous until I did it. Now imagine tapping it back. Oh yeah, watch the calories burn.

4. Kanye/Jay-Z/Rick Ross/Nicki Minaj- Monster

Why I love it: Puts me into complete beast mode. Especially during Nicki's verse. Like I feel like Nicki's verse when I workout to this song.

3. Zayn/Party Next Door- Still Got Time

Why I love it: TBH, it took me a hot second to get into this song, but now that I have... its lit! Its got a really good flow and perfect for some sexy corners. 

2. Rihanna- Needed Me

Why I love it: Something about listening to Rihanna makes me feel so sexy when working out. Like I have the confidence of Sasha Fierce and RuPaul combined. This song embodies all of that. Put me on a bike and watch me push through a good climb.

1. Kanye West- Waves

Why I love it: 'Cause the sun don't shine in the shade. This song just gets me every time, dude.