This Is NOT A Drill: MTV Is Bringing Back 'TRL'...Kinda

Since it's final show in 2008, MTV's 'Total Request Live' has been greatly missed. The show kicked off in 1998 and spanned over 2,000 episodes featuring everyone's favorite artists from the Backstreet Boys to Korn. 'TRL' was THE spot for music, celeb news, and interviews you couldn't get anywhere else.

Today, MTV announced that they will be bringing the show back and rename it 'MTV Live'. Network President Chris McCarthy told AdWeek that MTV is planning a return to its old priorities and refocusing on music. With that comes 'MTV Live', a knock-off of TRL, which will be a three to four hour broadcast and take place in the Time Square studio. McCarthy also told AdWeek,

“That ability to be live, in culture — not responding to it but driving it — is where we belong."

Bless the good lord.