What Happens When John Mayer & Kendrick Lamar Have The Same Album Release Date?

Well to answer that question, you get a hilarious Instagram post from John Mayer! Both him and Kendrick Lamar released their new albums today (The Search For Everything & Damn respectively) and where that could have been awkward, John Mayer actually cleared the air of any drama! 

The above post was captioned by John,

"When one of your favorite artists @kendricklamar slides into that Friday release schedule and will handily take the number one slot but you're too excited to listen to it to even care. ⚡️👍🏼⚡️"

So it's literally like John doesn't even care Kendrick released a new album too 'cause he's a fan just like the rest of us! Love when artists support one another. Both albums seem pretty dope anyway!