Harry Styles!! What Do The Kiwis Mean!?

Harry Styles has been leaving fans so on edge this week. First it was him dropping a single, then an album drop date, and then he released a track list. NOW HE HAD PEOPLE HAND OUT KIWIS TO THE FANS WAITING FOR SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.


I have so many questions. But before I give you all my theories, it's important to mention that "Kiwi" will be one of the songs featured on Harry Styles' debut album.

Now for my theories... 

1. Initially, I was convinced that Harry would sing "Kiwi" tomorrow night. Because... KIWIS.

2. I started to second guess myself. Is Harry messing with me?! What is the man is just playing games!? Many on twitter clearly thought the same.

3. He's being classic Harry Styles and just wanted fans to be healthy and eat some fruit. 

Please let us know which theory you find most plausible!!!! Twitter: Z100NewYork 💖