What Is Halsey Up To!?!?

Today Halsey threw so much news at us. It's all very overwhelming in the best way possible. Today we got a date for her new single!!!!!!!! And we got an ALBUM COVER!!!!

The best part of the news was most definitely the hunt that it was to get the information. Halsey sent fans on a scavenger hunt type of situation to find USBs that included portions of the artwork! The USBs came in the guns as you can see in the picture below!! The USB being in guns is very confusing... Where does that fit into the theme!?!? If you know, please tweet us and let us know @Z100NewYork

The puzzle put together this incredible album artwork. OMG. It is beyond amazing. And if this is just the artwork.... HOW UNREAL IS THIS ALBUM GOING TO BE!!?

We then got A RELEASE DATE FOR HER SINGLE!!!! And will "You Can Find Me In The Kingdom" be the title of the song?!?! There is still so much left to our imaginations. HALSEY GIVE US ALL OF THE ANSWERS.