VIDEO: Dude Rapping About His Cat in the Bath 😸

Cats don't really like water, it's a known fact...but this kitty seems to be ok with it's bath. Take a look at Youtube star Moshow & his love for his feline friends on his channel. The dude is a creepy cat lady in disguise!

Moshow is a Baltimore, Maryland native who shows his love for his four main cats in most of his videos. You may have seen Sushi, Ravioli, Megaman, and Tally, who according to Moshow..."love my music. They're in the studio when I record every day. My music is based off my emotions and feelings, and the cats will lay in my lap or sit on my head as I'm recording, and the energy just comes from them."


How & why did he get Ravioli in the bath for this video πŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎ:

"I have to bathe my cats. They're special breeds and I have to give them a bath once every 2-3 weeks. They don't have fur, and Ravioli only has the first fur of a cat, so they have oil build ups and if I don't clean their skin they get dirty, like humans. I have to clean the bacteria off their skin or it'll get infected. It's one of those things where, I have to give them baths, so I might as well be rapping as well."



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