#MaxwellApproved - Nicky March

What is #MaxwellApproved? I'm gonna be giving you the head's up on some artists who are bubbling & deserve your attention! This week, get to know 20 year old New Jersey native, Nicky March. Nick is new to the music game, but already is climbing up the charts and making a name for himself with his new debut album “Beautiful Demons” that he and producer Alan Longo created. 

With this EDM/Rap vibe it is hard to not want to jam out to every single song! Just goes to show you that if you want something bad enough you go and get it. With upcoming projects on the way Nick is continuing his road to prosperity. So, lookout for Nicky March, he may just be the next big thing. "Beautiful Demons” is available now on all music platforms, be sure to check it out. - Shawnna Grace

Keep up with Nicky March:

Twitter: @NickyMarchRap

Instagram: @NickyMarchRap

Facebook: @NickyMarchRap