Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist Week 1

I've told my friends and I've told my family and they're sick of hearing about it. So now I'm telling you! I LOVE Soul Cycle! For those of you who haven't been, it's basically like a cardio party on a stationary bike. If you love to dance or work out or party at all then you'll love it. The instructors are super motivating and the music is always blasting and really get you into the zone. I go to Soul Cycle at least once or twice a week and want to share with you my favorite songs that I ride to each week. Today I want to start out with my all time favorite songs to ride to and hey maybe you can use them on your next workout too!

1. Daft Punk- Doin' It Right

Why I love it: This was the first song I ever Soul Cycled to EVER. I remember the moment this song came on vividly and the whole "pack" as we call it started to pedal and that was the point I became a Soul Cycle addict. So thank you Daft Punk.

2. Skrillex/Diplo/Justin Bieber- Where Are Ü Now

Why I love it: There's something about that little whale noise and the beat drop that hits me right in the feels. I even run to this song and I swear I'm Usain Bolt when the bass hits. 

3. Jay Z/Kanye West- Paris

Why I love it: It gets the people going.

4. Beyoncé- Formation

Why I love it: I mean literally any Beyoncé song will do, but I particularly like this one for the pack's sake. When we all ride together to this song it just looks and FEELS so awesome like we're an army or something. 

5. The Chainsmokers- Closer

Why I love it: I think this song is becoming a playlist staple for any workout. It has all the elements to make for great interval training and I think that's why it's great for Soul Cycle. You can jog, climb, and most importantly tap it back!

So there you have it. Probably my favorite songs of all time to ride to at the good 'ole Soul Cycle. Check back next week for more music to tap it back to!

P.S. Shout out to my instructor Ellena for taking that cool shot of me on her podium! Her classes are awesome so stop by the Financial District, Woodbury or Roslyn locations and take her class!