Leah Loves The Bachelor: Week 5 Recap

To say the least, last night was eventful. Nick made oh so many moves (some more questionable than others). Some caused tears like the goodbye to Sarah, and some made me giddy (every single moment Rachel was on the screen). We have so many moves to discuss, so let's get into it. 

This episode started with about 10 straight minutes (or what felt like 6 years) of Taylor and Corinne drama *yawn*. I am just so over their whole thing. I'm trying to watch The Bachelor not DegrassišŸ˜’. 

ANYWAYS, one of my major annoyances this week was simply THE LACK OF HEAT DURING THE ROSE CEREMONY. Everybody in that room was freezing. The girls were wearing sweaters in the rose ceremony (um when has that ever happened...NEVER), and you could see their breath!!

Now, let's talk Rachel. THIS GIRL KILLED ME THIS WEEK. She was so adorable, fun, and herself on the one-on-one date. When she got the date card she looked like a 6 year old girl getting cotton candy in Disney World. Everything about the date was absolutely adorable until Nick's food was all over his face, but I'm willing to overlook that this time around. 

And can we please just talk about the FOMO the other girls had looking out the window at Nick and Rachel. LOL. It's all about Nick and Rachel though, so just keep on smoochin' you two!

The group date this week was ehh compared to some others. It was funny, but didn't give me all the feels like some past dates. The only notable thing that happened was Raven saying she loves Nick?!?!!!?!? IT IS ONLY WEEK 5. Raven needs to calm down just a tad. He still has too many other girlfriends for that word. 

And now... the juicy part.... the two-on-one date. 

The highly anticipated Taylor vs. Corinne showdown did not go as many expected. First off, it was in a swamp? Like?!?! Secondly, HE GAVE CORINNE THE ROSE. But tbh if I were Nick, I would have done the same. She played the situation very well, and Taylor got low-key crazy this episode. 

I really think that come week 7 we will be Taylor and Corinne free, and we will finally get to that those true romantic scenes. YIPPE!!

And finally... this week was semi-successful for me in my Bachelor Fantasy League, so all is right in the world. It may not be all good in the Bachelor world, but that's as can be expected.

Now please enjoy some of my favorite Alexis GIFs from this week.

Intern Leah is out. See y'all next Tuesday.



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