Teacher Gets Fired For Correcting Student's Tweet!

Here's a question...do you rely on autocorrect like I do? This teacher is apparently getting the boot because of a tweet to a student. 

A staff member at Frederick Country Public Schools in North Carolina got fired after sending this:

Katie Nash was fired after she responded to a student's tweet asking for school to be closed due to an oncoming snowstorm!

Apparently, most people found it funny, but Katie's boss' didn't think so. They asked her to delete the tweet. 

"When they had reached out and when the community overwhelmingly saw it, for what it was just lighthearted banter and trying to engage with the students on their level."

"Out of this entire experience, that something really positive comes out of this because I think the community has sort of been looking at this and various reactions, most positive, but I really am sincere and I hope FCPS thinks how can we use social media to engage going forward."

Obviously Katie was joking & students thought it was funny, so her being fired was probably an overreaction!