Each week Ryan Gorman discusses important national topics with experts, newsmakers, and organizations working to make a positive difference in communities across the country.

Mental Health Awareness Month Special

The Importance of AM Radio & National Nurses Month

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Michael Brown, Former FEMA Administrator & Undersecretary of Homeland Security. Michael Brown discusses the importance of AM radio in emergencies and natural disasters as automobile makers look to remove AM radio from new cars and trucks. Jason Gleason, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner & Member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, also joins the show. Jason Gleason discusses National Nurses Week to explain the work nurses do in our healthcare system and the crucial need for nurses in communities nationwide. Jason also shares a personal story to raise National Stroke Awareness Month awareness.

Autism Awareness & American Stroke Month

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Mary Partin, CEO of the Dan Marino Foundation. Mary Partin joins the show to discuss autism awareness, including the symptoms of autism, the prevalence of the condition throughout the U.S., and resources for parents of autistic children. Dr. Mitchell Elkind, Chief Clinical Science Officer for the American Heart Association, also joins the show. Dr. Elkind checks in for American Stroke Month to discuss the signs and symptoms of stroke, conditions that increase the risk of stroke, and preventative measures one can take to lower the risks.

Alcohol Awareness Month

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Laurie Dhue, Chief Branding Officer for RecoveryEducation.com & Former Fox News Anchor. Laurie Dhue joins the show for Alcohol Awareness Month to discuss her battle with alcohol use disorder, along with the work RecoveryEducation.com does, providing families with resources to help teens and young adults navigate substance use.

National Minority Health Month, Disabled American Veterans & Earth Day 2023

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Kamara Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at HHS. Kamara Jones joins the show for National Minority Health Month to discuss the latest guidance on the COVID vaccines, along with the work her department is doing to keep Americans informed about the virus and measures that can be taken to stay safe. John Kleindienst, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) National Voluntary Services Director, also joins the show. John Kleindienst checks in for National Volunteer Month to discuss the work DAV does for disabled veterans nationwide, including volunteer services that have become a vital part of their effort to ensure veterans receive the support they deserve. Sara Espinoza, Interim President of the National Environmental Education Foundation, is our final guest. Sara Espinoza joins the show for Earth Month and Earth Day to discuss environmental education, and how it can contribute to a sustainable future, along with simple ways everyone can help tackle environmental issues.

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Charles Brown, National President of Paralyzed Veterans of America & Heather Ansley, Associate Executive Director of Governmental Affairs for PVA. Charles and Heather discuss the work PVA does to support paralyzed veterans nationwide, from help with home accessibility to advocacy for safer and more accessible air travel.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Martin Luther King III, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board of The Drum Major Institute, & Arndrea King. Mr. and Mrs. King reflects on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. following the 55th anniversary of his assassination, including how Dr. King’s work is inspiring a new generation of racial and social justice advocates. Plus, Teri Nestel, President & CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, joins the show. Terri Nestel discusses the 40th anniversary of the founding of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, including the work the organization does with children’s hospitals nationwide and the unique ways communities can support their mission.

Tips on Talking to Kids & Teens About School Shootings

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Dr. Jennifer Katzenstein, Director of Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Social Work & Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Health at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Dr. Katzenstein discusses strategies to help parents communicate with children and young adults in the aftermath of a tragedy, like the recent school shooting in Nashville. Dr. Katzenstein also explains signs to watch for in children struggling with these events and others who could harm themselves or those around them.

COVID Vaccine Update & The American Red Cross

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Dr. Ala Stanford, HHS Regional Director for Region III. Dr. Stanford discusses the COVID-19 vaccines, including a shift to an all-bivalent approach, who should prioritize receiving one, and women’s health issues that have been affected by the pandemic. Jennifer Pipa, Vice President of Disaster Programs for the American Red Cross, also joins the show. Jennifer Pipa explains the American Red Cross's work in response to a wide range of disasters, disaster preparation tips, and the importance of donating blood.

U.S. Banking & Financial System Explainer

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Sultan Meghji, former Chief Innovation Officer at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation & Duke University Professor. Sultan Meghji breaks down the U.S. banking and financial systems following the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, including the role of the Federal Reserve and the FDIC.