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#DelilahBookClub ... "Games in a Ballroom" | Our May Book


Book Club

I’ve found another Proper Romance book to delight you with this month! My May book club choice is “Games in a Ballroom” by Jentry Flint.

It’s a light, lovely period piece that sweeps us away from housework, bill-paying, and daily drudgeries, placing us gently into an 1815 London. You’ll leave the sweats and sneaks behind, donning petticoats and satin slippers instead, as you immerse yourself in Olivia and Emerson’s world of strict class orders and forbidden romance.

Powder your nose, nestle your tiara atop your shining mane, put your feet up and come away with me…

“Olivia Wilde has resigned herself to never finding a love match. Her father has insisted she marry a man with a title, but the men her father deems acceptable are either boring or are only interested in increasing their own diminishing coffers. With her future looking dismal, Olivia vows to enjoy the last few months of freedom with her childhood friends, including Emerson Latham. His devilish smile and flirtatious teasing stirs up feelings she knows she cannot entertain.

Emerson is struggling to rise to his responsibilities after his father's death. Though he is still learning his place, one thing he knows for certain is that he wants Olivia Wilde to be his wife. Emerson had long ago fallen in love with her quick wit, beauty, and passionate heart. Yet, without a title, he will never be permitted to court Olivia openly. But he has a plan that may give him a chance to court her in secret.

As the Season kicks off, Emerson proposes a playful game of tag. Olivia's friends are delighted by the idea, though Olivia is wary. After all, the game must be played in secret as they tag each other at dinners and balls. As the romance builds between Olivia and Emerson, so does the risk of being discovered. Not only are their reputations at stake, so is their safety if they are caught by Olivia's strict father.

Can their love find a happily ever after before the game ends?”

We’ve closed the binding on yet another Proper Romance, but I guarantee we’ll be thinking of petit fours and party frocks for a long while to come. At the same time, we’ll be thankful that we are free to love and live lives of our own choosing these days!

It’s time to get back to the realities of today, but go ahead, keep wearing your tiara!

Get your copy of Games in a Ballroom HERE

And if you're wondering what to get Mom for Mother's Day, wonder no more!

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