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ORDER - Plan A Happy LIfe

Some of us are natural planners and organizers. Some of us are not. I generally fall into the later category. But one thing I DO plan to be, despite the uncertainty of life, is happy! “Plan A Happy Life”, my book club pick for September is a beautiful guided journal that helps us to focus on joy.

The coronavirus pandemic brought panic and bedlam to us in March. All systems stop. No “new normal.” No normal at all, was our experience in the weeks and months to come. But here we are in September, and whatever obstacles are in our way, stuff still must get done, and our attitude about 2020 can filter into every part of our lives.

Doctor and dentist appointments must be made and kept; business meetings must be scheduled; for families with children, school (in whatever form it takes) must happen; and so on and so forth. Because the systems that had become ‘routine’ are no longer in place, planning is going to be an essential part of maintaining not only our happiness, but our sanity as well! 

While we can’t control a virus, politics, weather, or a million other things that affect our lives, one thing we CAN control is our mindset; and I’m going to plan to be happy!

With cheerful illustrations, colorful photography, and all the good stuff you need to know about maximizing your hours, Plan a Happy Life™ is a jumpstart to tackle an overloaded schedule and plan a happy and satisfying life.

Everyday life is busy, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming! The creators of the Happy Planner® know that a life bursting at the seams with meaning, fun, and work worth doing doesn't just happen: you have to plan for it.

Plan a Happy Life includes strategies, systems, and methods for permanently getting organized, prioritizing what's most important to you, and living intentionally. Here you'll find great ideas for:

  • Celebrating the ordinary (dance party in the kitchen, anyone?)
  • Discovering new ways to serve others (that will fit into a busy schedule)
  • Finding your happy even on the tougher days
  • Making the most effective lists (hint: it involves stickers)
  • Filling your life with gratitude
  • Controlling your calendar so you can live each day fully--and colorfully! (a step-by-step guide)
  • And much more happy planning (seriously, you have to plan fun in your life!)

Make the most of your most valuable resource--time--and have a blast doing it with Plan a Happy Life.

Get planning with Plan A Happy Life!