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I get a lot of mail. A lot. This letter touched me, and I felt compelled to share. Here is a man who thought, like many, that once he could finally relax and do nothing, his life would be immensely better, but he found the opposite to be true. A joyous life requires meaningful purpose. Mike didn't have to look far to find his. How about you?

Dear Delilah,I've listened to your program for the past 25 years, even though I'm not your typical audience. I'm 83 years of age. I was a professor in a college in New York City and tuned into your program at 8:00pm for the hour and a half drive from Manhattan to Long Island where I lived, making the drive truly pleasurable. In January, I finally retired after fifty years of teaching, and moved to Florida. A few months of doing nothing more exciting than deciding on which early-bird special to try, I developed retirement depression. Then, one evening, because I couldn't sleep, I turned on the radio to relax; and to my surprise, I heard you. 

I couldn't believe it. I had no idea your program was national. My depression immediately lifted, and the very next day I was determined to return to my first love: teaching. I applied to a local university, which because of my experience and doctoral degree from Yale, was immediately hired as an adjunct professor. And so, I'm once again working, surrounded by the youth of our country, and continuing to do what you have always done on your radio show: pass on your knowledge of life, love, courage, understanding, and caring. Those are the reasons I want to dedicate a song to you. It's called "Hey There, Delilah." It would mean a great deal to me to honor you. Could you play it sometime between 11:00pm and 11:50pm just before I go to sleep for the night. Thank you for lifting my spirits to continue on with my life's purpose. Have a wonderful, happy, productive, and healthy Spring.Yours with love, admiration, and appreciation,

MikeProfessor Emeritus

Hi Mike! Thank you so much for sharing your story and the touching dedication! Letters like this mean the world to me; they are a testament to the fact that my life has purpose - in this case inspiring you to seek and live your passion! Thank you for choosing the teaching vocation. Teachers have the power to change the world!

God Bless!

~ Delilah