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#DelilahAdvice ... Polish Your Relationships!

The other evening as I was tidying up the kitchen I happened to look up and notice something; my hammered copper stove cover that I was soooooo proud of when I built the farmhouse was absolutely COVERED in grease and grime. 12 years of it.

I wiped at it. I ran a wash cloth over it. I sprayed it and tried again. Pretty soon I was kneeling on the counter top metal polish and cloth in hand going at it like nobody's business!

One of the kids came by and asked what I was doing. Then they asked if they could help. And another one joined.

Kim, my good friend and house-helper was leaving for the day. She was all set to go, even had her pup Teagan in her carrier... we'd hugged goodbye and she was headed out the door. But before I knew it she had joined the now growing copper scrubbing party.

Someone put on music.

For the next hour plus we scrubbed, wiped, laughed, and danced that copper cover clean!

And it got me to thinking that life and relationships are just like this. Years of wear and tear tend to make something once beautiful, shiny, and new, somewhat unrecognizable.

Miraculously however, with renewed interest, a little attention, a little time, a little care, and some hard scrubbing, the shine and radiance is back reflecting the many moments, meals, and memories you've made together.

I hope as we set out on this new season, this "Summer Season" together you take the time to renew your interests in strengthening the bonds of love around you - making time to be with family and friends and make memories together!

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